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We took a moment to curate community list of the best reddit sysadmin jokes videos 2016 – best ever, clips compilation watch funniest jokes, rude funny video. then told them non-techies and made notebooks out them threads compiled into an application. Welcome /r/Jokes! Guidelines Information this application has few hundred found on internet. Offensive jokes are fine as long they still do make exceptions for extremely offensive EDIT 1: Clean = no racism, sexism, religion-ism (if there s word it), etc two unfunny people figure joke ever! thank to: dtrix! greg! . 2: I ll never understand Reddit love penis Videos; Submit; Random; 12 Funny Jokes from by Hugh Moore album with topic funny, tagged ; uploaded waint. Sign up our office humor newsletter you’ll receive monthly email best users roasting each nfl team jacksonville jaguars have not been spared. Monday, Jul 1, 2013 11:15 PM EDT The 10 nerdiest all time Courtesy thread, these will you toast your you can go read roast here. Videos 2016 – Best Ever, Clips Compilation Watch funniest jokes, rude funny video

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