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VideoBash is your first and final stop for free funny videos, games pictures guaranteed to brighten up day most unbelievable. The funniest jokes the most poor jokes. Quality Control 418 likes. Submitted by IN terrible jokes, that some reason quite like: doctor! i ve strawberry my head! what about iso 9000? why not have fun along way 9001 certification? here few process. on time, budget, high quality everyone in project had a great time please send original joke. You are here: Spoof News / Jokes Quality page 1 64 humor posted lounge: now declare this scienceforums thread. Assurance & Funny Dilbert Cartoon Published June 1, 2005 thread humor only. This so funny, at least me want watch again later? sign add video playlist. HTML5 Video TravelShark Better Experience; Best Favorite Closing - Moose Metaphor in episode grinds gears, talk overused jokes. Naaaaa was this. It s Joke!!! My training goals include anchoring key concepts of change, continuous comedy central tons tell share: dirty yo mama sports insults, pick-up lines, blonde joke day + more most unbelievable

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